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Supported Modules

Note that if you Patched DotNetNuke Core My Tokens is available in all modules that support standard tokens replacer including a large number of standard and commercial modules.

The list of modules below is relevant especially when DotNetNuke is not patched.

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NameTypeMin VersionNotes
NameTypeMin VersionNotes
Interactive Webs - Bulk Emailer Commercial 62.06.03 Use tokens in the email messages sent out with Bulk Emailer 
Onyak Axon Commercial 7.0.3  
Sharp Scheduler Commercial ALL If MyTokens is installed, Sharp Scheduler will call it to replace tokens in places such as: SQL Queries, Cron Expression. 
SunBlogNuke Commercial   
Action Form Commercial ALL Html texts, email recipients, subjects and bodies can contain My Tokens 
Action Grid Commercial ALL  
Search Boost Commercial 1.4.2 Will replace tokens in Search Results 
Redirect Toolkit Commercial ALL All Redirection Rules (based on roles, params, referrers, user info, browser, etc.) can contain tokens in value fields and can save arbitrary values with tokens in session/cookie/user profile 
OnyakTech Forms Commercial 1.5.5  
SQL Reporting Services by Module Masters Commercial 6.0  
Onyak PDF Reports Commercial 3.5.5  
DNN API Endpoint Commercial ALL You can use My Tokens to aggregate data from various sources and expose with DNN API Endpoint. 
URL Adapter Commercial ALL  
Onyak Charts Commercial 1.0.10  
NavXp Commercial 1.5.2 will replace tokens inside captions, alts and URLs 
DNNCentric - ML content editor Commercial 2.9.0  
Onyak H2O Commercial 5.3  
DNN Redirect Free 1.6.0 All Redirection URLs (based on roles, params, referrers) can contain tokens 
User Defined Table Standard ALL  
Documents Standard ALL  
Links Standard ALL  
Announcements Standard ALL  
Form And List Standard ALL  
Reports Standard ALL  
Text/Html Standard ALL  
Showing 25 items